Right medicine.

At the right time. 

Automated Medication Management System



How it all started. 

Geri-Safe™ was started by 2 Cornell faculty 4 years ago with the intent of allowing senior adults to age in place through the intervention of innovative technologies. Our first problem that we tackled was related to medication non-adherence which led to the development of Medi-trust, the most innovative automated medication management system. Learn more under Medi-Trust. 

Did you know?

Medication non-adherence leads to:

*US Market; VADM Regina M. Benjamin, Surgeon General’s Perspective

1. One of the leading causes for loss of independence 

2. Current medication management system: time consuming with a need of pre-sorting and fraught with errors

3. An unprecedented pressure: high medication non-adherence cost to the health insurers


of all hospitalizations


annual deaths


annual hospital costs

There is an urgent need for a unique and reliable automated medication management system!

Why us?